Hemorrhoids are swollen, dilated veins to the anal opening and the end of the colon. This problem occurs due to increased pressure in the blood vessels in the pelvis and occurs similarly to the varicose veins on the legs.
Hemorrhoids are normal blood vessels that, under the influence of excessive pressure, stretch, expand, swell, become inflamed and begin to emerge. At an early stage of the disease, outbreaks of haemorrhage can return to their normal position, while in the fourth stage they can no longer withdraw, but only to be eliminated. Once the venous blood vessels are weakened, they may begin to emerge, and this is in fact the uneasiness that is felt (inflammation, itching, pain, non-flowering). Certainly inflammation can calm down, blood circulation can be repaired and the swellings themselves withdrawn. Also, people who are prone to hemorrhoids should pay attention to the diet, take more fluids, and have no constipation or diarrhea.

Hemorrhoids appear relatively frequently and may be quite ill, but are not considered a medically serious problem. They are an unpleasant problem and usually people do not address the doctor because of discomfort. Hemorrhoids can progress and thus differ in four stages, or stages of the disease.

First-degree hemorrhoids do not get out of the anal aperture during bowel discharge, while in the second degree they exit but return back. In the third stage it is necessary and possible to return them yourself, but already in the fourth degree they can not be turned back and they are constantly lost.

It is considered that first and second degrees can be treated independently at home, and a third and a quarter need some kind of intervention to remove unwantedly enlarged and fallen veins in the anal area.

In the case of swelling and falling of the veins from the inner side, they are internal, and while on the outer side, they are external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are commonly caused by the pressure of venous blood vessels in the pelvis and the rectal area. They can also get pregnant in the last 6 months of pregnancy. Increased body weight can be one of the beginnings of haemorrhoids, as well as long-term sitting, consuming too hot, sour, anal apneal infections, and the like.

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