Chronic prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate can be caused by a bacterial infection, as a consequence of inflammation or kidney disease, parasitosis, as a consequence of sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

Chronic prostate inflammation occurs if acute prostatitis is not adequately healed, but it can also occur in complications with the ureter (ureteral inflammation – the final part of the urinary tract) or as a complication of cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). Causes of chronic prostatitis are commonly bacilli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, viruses, fungi, chlamydia, and more.
Symptoms may include chronic prostatitis with a slow and progressive course, chronic recurrent prostatitis, chronic latent prostatitis, and prostatitis syndrome.

What are the symptoms and signs of chronic prostatitis?

– Most commonly occurs dysuria (painful and difficult urination)

– There may be a feeling of difficult and unwell bladder

– There may be unpleasant feelings in the rectum and pains and bowel discharge

– Problems with painful and difficult urination may be mild but have a longer period of time

– There may be relaxation and weakness

– Increased body temperature that occurs less frequently than in acute prostatitis

– Certain patients complain of night urination

– It may be difficult to move or sit

– Ovarian secretion from the urethra is not so common

– Blood or urine is rarely present in the seminal fluid

– Potential problems are possible

– Complications with chronic prostititis include inflammation of shift bags, epididymis or testes.

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostititis

Diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is made by means of an anemia with a clinical picture and a detailed examination.

A detailed analysis of the urine with urine culture, analysis of the ureter swab as well as spermoculture and analysis of the ejaculate should be done.

Treatment is long lasting and requires great attention, warm baths in a sitting position, and the like. Of course the use of 100% natural traditional herbal product VARUPPROSTIN in the form of tablets and tea will help in reducing these symptoms.


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