What is Cancer?

“Cancer” is a term that belongs to a large group of diseases that differ in type and location but have a common property: abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth.

In normal conditions, the number and growth of all our cells is a strictly controlled mechanism. But when the control signals in one of these cells are disturbed, the cell’s life cycle changes and begins to divide continuously. It continues to multiply without the ability to control and the result of this is the accumulation of abnormal cells as a mass of cells, called “tumor”. The tumor can be benign or malignant.

By nature, for life

Varumin® is a traditional herbal medicine used to improve the general state of the body, exhaustion, reduced resistance, adjuvant therapy in the standard treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, malignant diseases, to alleviate the unwanted effects of cytostatic therapy in malignant diseases, useful combination with conventional cytostatic therapy in malignant diseases, in other conditions where there is a reduced immunity. (anemia, HPV infection, multiple sclerosis).

Varumin® contains exclusively plant extracts of several herbs, the efficacy of which has been confirmed in traditional as well as in scientific medicine. Their consistency in the composition and quantity used is responsible for the synergistic effect of the preparation.

The origins of the raw materials, as well as the technological procedure for their use, guarantee a maximum and continuous effect, without the presence of pollutants of chemical or biological origin.

Until now, no side effects have been observed due to the use of Varumin®, which makes it one of the safest preparations for medical use.